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This community was created so you can create communities. Better.


»Associates degree in Graphic Design.
»Maintainer of over twenty communities.
»Target Audiences

"So many people are concerned with how many people are in the community. This is often superficial and a poor reflection on the community. I find it is more important to find those individuals with a genuine need and passion for what the community offers and having those individuals as members."

To join the userinfo community board post your experience, specialities and a quote. This is not required to join, but as a means to find out what you can offer to people starting communities.

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you must abide by the
Rules :

1. Read this article, understand it, live by it on this community, everywhere :
Picasso once said, Good artists copy, great artists steal.

I will summarize it, but you should still read it:
No blatant rip-offs of ideas, but brillant spin-offs.

2. Respect each other. No drama. No flames. Peace.

3. LJ-Cut more than two paragraphs of text, more than one image, images bigger than 250x250.

4. If you want your community promo'd here, then let this community help you fix it up, then you can promo it. Otherwise do not post your community.

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