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New_Community :

4th October, 2006. 9:30 pm. a place for pregnant women(fictionfanatic)


please join!

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12th September, 2006. 8:14 pm. hi(fictionfanatic)

If you're looking for a place to talk about babies, try allaboutbabies

Here you can share your birth story or birth stories, discuss problems and concerns, vent and rant about your frustrations, get ideas, get other perspectives, and just have fun with people who are experiencing similar changes.

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9th January, 2006. 4:04 pm.(caremod)

We are a new community (created on December 21st, opened on 9 January) who care for animals and believe that the mistreatment of them is utterly disgusting. We know that by creating this community we aren't going to make a huge impact and altogether rule out Animal Cruelty and that isn't what we're aiming to do. The purpose of this community is for Animal lovers to unite and express their love for Animals by posting photos of our own Animals, holding competitions, having discussions and helping each other become aware of animal related things they perhaps don't know about. We strive to help and inform so don't hold back when posting (we'll try our best to answer your pet problems, etc, etc).

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3rd April, 2005. 1:02 am. worthwhile effort.(thecause)

helped out with the first new_community : _nuffism created by oldefool, this community expounds on the philosophy of having enough'.
in addition i have been doing some work over at _my_fave_mods_ created by celticdreamz making some suggestions towards layout and methods of PR(press release) to get more individuals to join the group.

i have really enjoyed helping out both of these individuals. i am interested in helping out more as time will permit. (as my schedule in real life is picking up)

so by all means, please do post your community ideas.

P.S. I also encourage experienced layout designers, marketers, graphic artist..etc.. (any skill that will help build a new_community) to come and join new_community and help out livejournal to create better communities.

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26th March, 2005. 7:43 pm. idea!(thecause)

after creating numerous communities I realized that livejournal is spammed with numerous communities that are cheap imitations of one another, trying to leech off users of original ideas.

this community is here to attempt to stop that notion by creating new and original communities.
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